Berg Hortimotive, the innovators in motion. We strive to make the logistics process easier for companies in the greenhouse horticulture sector worldwide. For all operations in the greenhouse, up to making ready for shipment.

Horticulture driven by Dutch experience!

Greenhouse horticulture also ensures that greenhouse products, such as vegetables and fruit, are delivered to the consumer under the best conditions. So that the best and tastiest products can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. Berg Hortimotive is proud of being able to make a contribution here.

Berg is known all over the world, originally for the innovative pipe rail trolleys, but people are increasingly finding the way to Berg for complete greenhouse horticulture logistics solutions. We call this from picking to packing. Berg is also involved at an early stage with new construction projects or with alterations to existing logistics systems. Naturally with the objective of effectuating optimal efficiency for clients.

Each project, or product delivery from Berg Hortimotive's extensive range starts, somewhere in the world, with an interview with the client by one of our service partners, resellers or turnkey builders from the worldwide network of Berg Hortimotive. They map the requirements precisely and, in collaboration, they translate these into an advice, a project request or an offer of a concrete product. After that, the Berg Hortimotive staff work on detailing the actual solution offered. Because we help greenhouse horticulture forwards!

Picking to packing

Based on more than 50 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture, Berg Hortimotive has developed a range of products for carrying out and optimising the entire greenhouse logistics.

Service partners

Berg Hortimotive is very well aware that its work is not done once a project or a product has been delivered, but that this is really just the start. Because from then on we continue to work together with you. Training, support, maintenance and service is then needed to keep things running optimally and permanently. Our service partners are indispensable in this respect. We have established a worldwide network of service partners.

Service partners



A great moment for a quick look at stock levels!

Holiday season has started, a great moment for a quick look at stock levels in the warehouse and a chance to fill up where needed.

As a preparation, we already filled our own stocks in order to help you even quicker than usual.


Education is fun, useful and necessary!

Berg Hortimotive (De Lier), Padmos (Stellendam) and Wout Hogervorst vof (Noordwijkerhout) have been nominated this week for the OOM Award South Holland 2019. The OOM Award is the award for the most active (metal) learning company in the region. The winner will be announced on September 6.

Increasing efficiency for Australian tomato growers

The retractable roof tomato greenhouse of LaManna Premier Group, located in Victoria’s Goulbourn Valley becomes more and more efficient. Last year the crop rotation was completed in the blink of an eye with the use of the Bio Chopper, and now the greenhouse is also equipped with pipe and rail, crop trolleys and automatic sprayers.

Impression GreenTech 2019

Exibition impression of Berg Hortimotive at the Greentech 2019.

Greentech brings you to the heart of the horticulture industry.
During this exhibition we presented the new scissor lift Benomic S-line and the Plantalyzer.

Royal Brinkman and Berg Hortimotive move forward together

S-GRAVENZANDE - International horticultural supplier Royal Brinkman enriches its product range with logistic solutions, by acquiring Berg Hortimotive. With this acquisition Royal Brinkman responds to the increasing demand for company-specific solutions concerning logistical processes and realises the growth ambitions that emerge from its strategic long-term plan.

Introduction Benomic S-Line

Benomic S-line series of mobile scissor lifts for tomato cultivation
TüV approved, ergonomic and flexible

 In response to new directives and regulations in the field of safety, Berg Hortimotive (De Lier, NL) has completely re-engineered its Benomic range of mobile scissor lifts. The result is the ergonomic S-line series: approved by the TüV, and incorporating state-of-the-art technology to make it as efficient, easy and comfortable as possible in its day to day use. The redesigned scissor mechanism enables safe working at up to 6.6 m high.

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